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TrialSpace(tm) Designer (Fast Track Systems, Inc.)
“Trialspace Designer(tm) is a software system where thought leaders and medical writers of a clinical study development team can collaborate to author a study. TSD pushes the output of this collaboration beyond the realms of ordinary written documents to the population of a structured information model so that the information gathered can be used not only in documents, but re-used by downstream systems in the clinical trial and development process.

The protocol design model employed by Fast Track is an extension of the work being conducted by the standards organization CDISC in its Bridg model.

Trialspace Designer is a collaborative enterprise application using rich client technology employing J2EE in its back-end application architecture and communications as well as a large .NET application hosted within Microsoft Word. FastTrack's Structured Protocol Editor makes use of a number of third party components to provide a seamless environment for designing trial schemas, generating clinical protocol schedules, and populating a massive XML based representation of the clinical trial design.

One of its revolutionary functions is to capture the basic functional elements of a statistical plan in a way that can be used to populate the required Statistical Plan document as well as provide metadata to systems that are used to capture, store, and analyse the clinical data.

Hermitech's Formulator tool is incorporated to permit the specification of analytic methods using trial variables. The MathML output of the Formulator is incorporated in the overall XML representation of the trial design.  The artifacts generated by the Formulator are used to create graphical representations for display in the document as well as capturing the MathML semantic content that one day may be used to permit analytic modeling and prototyping directly within FastTrack's Designer.”


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Activity Template Software in the DfES Standards Unit software (MMT Ltd.)
Hermitech Laboratory’s contribution to the Standards Unit Mathematics Project (the Department for Education and Skills, UK) was to implement a system that uses our expertise of mathematics editing software in creating mathematical jigsaw puzzles.

Mathematical jigsaw puzzles are, at their simplest, the rectangular cards, dominoes, triangles or other shapes that fit together like jigsaws. The pieces of this jigsaw, when correctly put together, form equalities on their faces.

To use such a learning activity the teacher can compose a number of pairs of like equations and then print out all the shapes for the pupils to find the like equations and put the jigsaw together.

You can read more in "Improving learning in mathematics: challenges and strategies" materials by Malcolm Swan (


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DMAC Solutions (Region VII Education Service Center)
“DMAC Solutions is a web-based software suite designed to assist educators in the development and management of curriculum and assessment data in Texas schools”

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The Structural Engineering Library (ENERCALC)

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REALCOM (University of Bristol, Centre for Multilevel Modelling, Graduate School of Education)

Formulator ActiveX control was integrated into a MATLAB program to produce an equation based display for a statistical modelling programme.
Sana logo SANA XML Editor (ISM)
“ISM eCompany’s SANA XML Editor is a versatile editor for XML-based information. Structured content can be edited in, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) environment, while taking markup and data classification into account.”

“Integrated MathML support for both editing and hi-res rendering of formula’s of all kinds.”