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Q. We have the need in our applications to offer equation editing, the ability to load/save the math problems, and the ability in to generate HTML or print output. If your software does everything we need?
A. Yes. And, surely, you can evaluate our Formulator ActiveX Control to decide it.

Q. We are using a client-server model, and I would like to create and save math images on our server after a user creates the equation/MathML in web browser. We tried to do this by creating a new instance of you ActiveX Control on the server, however, I don’t think it's correct since your control must be placed on a form.
A. Please evaluate our Formulator API that can be used to the best advantage in all cases where you need a windowless control. Formulator API is a COM component that works as a wrapper for the similar API as one within Formulator ActiveX Control, of course, without visual editing part. Thus you can create on the server side the corresponding Formulator API object and easily use its methods to convert MathML text into images.

Q. I am looking for a learning object that will will work as an online module for college students to easily create mathematic equations (drag and drop or click and enter) and be able to email that equation to their instructor, or post it to a forum.
A. Yes, we have such products: Formulator ActiveX Control and Formulator API.

Q. I have purchased your Formulator ActiveX Control but I’m still getting a message when I start our application saying that the Formulator editor control is unregistered. How do I get rid of this?
A. It seems that Microsoft Visual Studio uses a cache of registration data when you create a screen form with ActiveX Control on it. This leads to the fact that sometimes there is not enough to just uninstall the previous (evaluation) version of Formulator ActiveX Control and install a new one. Even after installation of a new Formulator ActiveX Control, Microsoft Visual Studio stores the previous registration data (for evaluation version) somewhere inside the screen form and so thinks that the corresponding object on the form is connected to the old version – while you are trying to use a new version.
You can easily solve this problem if you delete the existing object from the form and place it again once more. After this replacement old cached registration data will be changed to correct new data, and error will disappear.
If this advice will not help and this error will not disappear after delete/insert of the Formulator ActiveX Control, could you please describe the problem and the environment of your project with more details, so that we will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Q. Our software product is developed in ASP.NET. Can your products (Formulator ActiveX Control, Formulator API) be integrated with a .NET application?
A. Yes. Please see examples which are included into the corresponding installation packs.