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Q. Our web-based product platform would benefit from the addition of an integrated MathML editor. Can we use your product within a web application?
A. Yes. Formulator ActiveX Control can be inserted on web pages either via some programming environment, or manually by using tag OBJECT and by referring to the corresponding license manager object (file with LPK extention). Please see an example at
Please pay attention to the following issues:
– You need an evaluation version of the Formulator ActiveX Control installed on your computer to see this example working. The LPK-file in the example was generated for the evaluation version.
– Firefox does not have native support of ActiveX controls. You can display correctly pages with ActiveX controls in Firefox only if you have plug-in for displaying ActiveX or plug-in for IE compatibility.
– If you are using strict security settings, Internet Explorer does not allow websites to use ActiveX Control which are installed I on your computer, so in this case you will not be able to see correct work of the Formulator ActiveX Control example.

Q. Why the LPK-file is used in your example of a web page? What is ‘license manager object’?
A. Formulator ActiveX Control is a licensed control, and in order to use it in an HTML page on a non-licensed computer (i.e., computer of an end-user), you must generate a license package file (LPK). The LPK file contains the runtime licenses for licensed controls in the HTML page. Lpk_tool.exe (from the Internet Client SDK) generates this file. You can download the License Package (LPK) Tool through the Microsoft Web site.