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Q. I am evaluating your software to decide if my company wants to purchase it. I need the “____________” functionality, but I cannot find it.
A. We sell both products and services. If you need currently missing functions or want to get a custom version of the software it would be a pleasure for us to customize our product for your special needs.

Q. Can we rely upon the ongoing support and maintenance for your software?
A. Yes. Our customer care takes precedence of mercenary spirit.

Q. How fast is your technical support service? Can we rely upon the prompt response to e-mail letters on maintenance issues?
A. Yes. Formally we get the obligation to response within 2-3 work days, but we are proud to say that more often we response immediately after your request. We are free-hearted when assure you that all customers having our technical support can confirm this. Though, our formal obligations woun’t be less than 2-3 work days since there are problems of different time zones and force majeure.

Q. I am evaluating the Formulator ActiveX Control/Formulator API/Formulator MathML Weaver and cannot find the following mathematical symbol: “___”. Is this an error?
A. No, it’s not an error. If you cannot find some mathematical symbol or expression template, then it was not implemented by design. We currently do not cover all the possible math symbols from Unicode range and all possible mathematical patterns. (And we are pretty sure that no one does.) On the other hand it’s absolutely not a problem to add new mathematical templates and symbols to our set of mathematical toolbars. We have internal software that allows to rebuild quickly our set of math templates, and this is one of services (free or not, depending on the project) that we glad to propose.

Q. Which OS do you support?
A. Out products are working only with MS Windows operation systems, and we have no support so far for Mac, Linux etc. The recommended OS’s are XP, Vista and Server 2003, but you can try MS Windows 2000 at your own risk. MS Windows 98 is definitely not supported.