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Software Development
Formulator comprises both a standalone application edition, that can be run as a separate program, and a component edition, that is, an ActiveX Control or API, that can be incorporated into any ActiveX container (or used in a windowless mode to render math). The component edition is the perfect way for software developers to insert mathematics rendering/editing/processing functionality in their applications.

Educators in different fields of knowledge can make use of Formulator to create tests and other classroom materials containing mathematic formulas. Formulator supports Content markup of MathML and so proposes an easy way of automatic processing mathematics, expanding abilities of students and educators to better represent, encode, and reuse mathematical applications and contexts.

STM publishing
STM publishers can use Formulator to allow better and quicker interaction in the field of expressing and approaching ideas. Mathematical notations are forming a significant part of the common communication process and must be computer-aided as well. By using the Presentation markup of MathML Formulator provides an easy way to put dynamic math pages on the Web and to support desktop publishing applications.