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Formulator has a vocabulary of mathematical operators with several more than five hundreds of individually set records. In addition, there are several hundreds of mathematical symbols which can be treated as operators with common properties and rendered using preinstalled fonts of the operation system. Except of solitary symbols, there are a lot of mathematical templates in Formulator. Each of these templates represents a form with graphics and empty slots. By inserting other mathematical templates and symbols into empty slots hierarchical formulas can be built up.

Mathematical templates in Formulator provide dual facilities to edit formulas. In accordance with the MathML approach to mathematics coding, there are “Presentation” and “Content” templates. The first group of templates is of special interest to users having publishing needs and has a lot of presentation abilities: fractions, radicals, sums, integrals, products, matrices, various types of brackets and braces, and many other templates. The second group is oriented on mathematical semantics and is extremely useful when the meaning of the entered formula is critical.