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Formulator is intuitive and visually oriented tool; its easy-to-use graphical interface is built according to modern conventional techniques. Formulator allows you to create mathematical equations through simple point-and-click techniques, but it also provides some kind of intelligent behavior, in the sense that it knows mathematical typesetting rules and elements of semantics of mathematics (e.g., automatically resizing square root signs and parentheses to fit their contents, inserting appropriately sized spaces around mathematical operators and relational symbols, etc.).

There are many customizable features for mathematical expressions editing that makes this process comfortable to different users with different needs:
  • "zoom" feature allows equations to be magnified so that small details such as hats, primes, subscripts and superscripts can easily be seen;
  • "nested view" can be used to better see the structure of mathematical equations;
  • by using font and character styles, a user can quickly change the appearance of characters;
  • users can allow Formulator to select font size automatically or manually apply needed type of size;
  • users can execute some Formulator operations directly from the keyboard via shortcuts;
  • customizable built-in toolbars make it easier to access predefined MathML symbols and templates (both for Presentation and Content markups, and for their combination, that is called "Mixed markup").