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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

Q. I am evaluating your software to decide if my company wants to purchase it. I need the “____________” functionality, but I cannot find it.
A. We sell both products and services. If you need currently missing functions or want to get a custom version of the software it would be a pleasure for us to customize our product for your special needs.

Q. Can we rely upon the ongoing support and maintenance for your software?
A. Yes. Our customer care takes precedence of mercenary spirit.

Q. How fast is your technical support service? Can we rely upon the prompt response to e-mail letters on maintenance issues?
A. Yes. Formally we get the obligation to response within 2-3 work days, but we are proud to say that more often we response immediately after your request. We are free-hearted when assure you that all customers having our technical support can confirm this. Though, our formal obligations woun’t be less than 2-3 work days since there are problems of different time zones and force majeure.

Q. I am evaluating the Formulator ActiveX Control/Formulator API/Formulator MathML Weaver and cannot find the following mathematical symbol: “___”. Is this an error?
A. No, it’s not an error. If you cannot find some mathematical symbol or expression template, then it was not implemented by design. We currently do not cover all the possible math symbols from Unicode range and all possible mathematical patterns. (And we are pretty sure that no one does.) On the other hand it’s absolutely not a problem to add new mathematical templates and symbols to our set of mathematical toolbars. We have internal software that allows to rebuild quickly our set of math templates, and this is one of services (free or not, depending on the project) that we glad to propose.

Q. Which OS do you support?
A. Out products are working only with MS Windows operation systems, and we have no support so far for Mac, Linux etc. The recommended OS’s are XP, Vista and Server 2003, but you can try MS Windows 2000 at your own risk. MS Windows 98 is definitely not supported.

Prices and licenses

Q. We are developing an application for educational institution (non-commercial application, people with disabilities). Do you offer a discount?
A. Yes. Please contact us and descript your application in more details. We will be glad to help you to advance your project with our software at low costs.

Q. Our project is the charity. Is there a chance to use your commercial product for free?
A. Yes. Please contact us and descript your application in more details. There is a big chance that we can provide you with our products for free, having licensing or functional limitations.

Q. I am interested in purchasing Formulator Active X. How much is the license? What kind of licensing models are available.
A. The basic licensing model provides for a price of two components: a Developer license and a commercial Distribution license for one Licensee software application. This basic package includes also free maintenance services (technical support and updates). Please contact us to receive our commercial offer with more options and prices.

Q. I am interested in purchasing Formulator API. How much is the license? What kind of licensing models are available.
A. Formulator API is licensed for domains (web sites), where server-side applications can use it. The price is 300 Euro per single domain or web server (i.e., any number of server-side applications, working on one web site).

Q. The price of Formulator API is for one domain, irrespective of number of visitors to that portal/website, correct?
A. Yes.

Q. If we want to use the Formulator API on another domain which is hosted on the same server do we need to buy additional licenses?
A. No. You can initially choose to license your Formulator API copy per web server, not per domain.

Q. I am wondering what kind of licence Formulator Tarsia has? Our maths department has asked me to put it on the school network but I need licence conformation before I do this.
A. Formulator Tarsia is a free software and you are permitted to freely distribute it in accordance with terms and conditions of our short and clear license agreement:
“... You are hereby licensed to make as many unmodified copies of the Software and documentation as You wish; give exact copies of the Software to anyone; and distribute the Software and documentation in its unmodified form via electronic means. There is no charge for any of the above. ...”

Formulator ActiveX Control and Formulator API

Q. We have the need in our applications to offer equation editing, the ability to load/save the math problems, and the ability in to generate HTML or print output. If your software does everything we need?
A. Yes. And, surely, you can evaluate our Formulator ActiveX Control to decide it.

Q. We are using a client-server model, and I would like to create and save math images on our server after a user creates the equation/MathML in web browser. We tried to do this by creating a new instance of you ActiveX Control on the server, however, I don’t think it's correct since your control must be placed on a form.
A. Please evaluate our Formulator API that can be used to the best advantage in all cases where you need a windowless control. Formulator API is a COM component that works as a wrapper for the similar API as one within Formulator ActiveX Control, of course, without visual editing part. Thus you can create on the server side the corresponding Formulator API object and easily use its methods to convert MathML text into images.

Q. I am looking for a learning object that will will work as an online module for college students to easily create mathematic equations (drag and drop or click and enter) and be able to email that equation to their instructor, or post it to a forum.
A. Yes, we have such products: Formulator ActiveX Control and Formulator API.

Q. I have purchased your Formulator ActiveX Control but I’m still getting a message when I start our application saying that the Formulator editor control is unregistered. How do I get rid of this?
A. It seems that Microsoft Visual Studio uses a cache of registration data when you create a screen form with ActiveX Control on it. This leads to the fact that sometimes there is not enough to just uninstall the previous (evaluation) version of Formulator ActiveX Control and install a new one. Even after installation of a new Formulator ActiveX Control, Microsoft Visual Studio stores the previous registration data (for evaluation version) somewhere inside the screen form and so thinks that the corresponding object on the form is connected to the old version – while you are trying to use a new version.
You can easily solve this problem if you delete the existing object from the form and place it again once more. After this replacement old cached registration data will be changed to correct new data, and error will disappear.
If this advice will not help and this error will not disappear after delete/insert of the Formulator ActiveX Control, could you please describe the problem and the environment of your project with more details, so that we will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Q. Our software product is developed in ASP.NET. Can your products (Formulator ActiveX Control, Formulator API) be integrated with a .NET application?
A. Yes. Please see examples which are included into the corresponding installation packs.

Formulator ActiveX Control on Web Pages

Q. Our web-based product platform would benefit from the addition of an integrated MathML editor. Can we use your product within a web application?
A. Yes. Formulator ActiveX Control can be inserted on web pages either via some programming environment, or manually by using tag OBJECT and by referring to the corresponding license manager object (file with LPK extention). Please see an example at
Please pay attention to the following issues:
– You need an evaluation version of the Formulator ActiveX Control installed on your computer to see this example working. The LPK-file in the example was generated for the evaluation version.
– Firefox does not have native support of ActiveX controls. You can display correctly pages with ActiveX controls in Firefox only if you have plug-in for displaying ActiveX or plug-in for IE compatibility.
– If you are using strict security settings, Internet Explorer does not allow websites to use ActiveX Control which are installed I on your computer, so in this case you will not be able to see correct work of the Formulator ActiveX Control example.

Q. Why the LPK-file is used in your example of a web page? What is ‘license manager object’?
A. Formulator ActiveX Control is a licensed control, and in order to use it in an HTML page on a non-licensed computer (i.e., computer of an end-user), you must generate a license package file (LPK). The LPK file contains the runtime licenses for licensed controls in the HTML page. Lpk_tool.exe (from the Internet Client SDK) generates this file. You can download the License Package (LPK) Tool through the Microsoft Web site.